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Investment Village, Inc., specializes in real estate investment properties.  We are headed by a Certified Commercial Investment Member (See, http://www.ccim.com/about/ccim.html), and managed by one of the most experienced real estate brokers.  Our C.E.O. has been a real estate broker in California for over 20 years and is also  licensed as an attorney in California.

Unlike homes, investment properties especially residential income properties consisting of 5 units or more, require the assistance of highly skilled real estate professionals to complete the transactions.  Invesment Village, Inc., has the expertise.  Our agents are among the most experienced in the industry.   We have handled some of the most complicated transactions including but not limited 1031 exchanges (both simultaneous and delayed), all-inclusive trust deeds with subordination and other clauses.  If you would like to dispose of your real property(ies) but are not able to do so because of a technicality, please make an appointment to meet with us.  We may be able to help you.

Residential Income Properties (5-Unit+): Our Expertise
Into Bo Champon, Esq., C.C.I.M., has extensive experiences in handling residential income properties transactions.  His experiences as a former top agent of one of the largest apartment brokerage firm in the United States and his legal expertise allow him to assist in completing some of the most complicated transactions.

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