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Refinance Loans
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As a direct lender and a wholesaler for major banks and other financial institutions, we can provide you with loan(s) to refinance a real property.

You may choose either: a)  to replace your existing loan(s) with a new loan with better rate(s)/term(s)(This is usually referred to as "REFINANCE"); OR b) to obtain cash from your free-and-clear or low loan-to-value real estate (This is generally referred to as "CASH OUT").

Generally, the rates on single family owner-occupied houses or condominiums are lower than those on rental properties or land.  However, we can arrange practically all types of loans to refinance real properties regardless of the borrower's credit history.  Of course, the worse the borrower's credit or the lower his/her FICO credit score, the higher his/her rate and loan fee will be.


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